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Self-driving car: Good or bad?

Self-driving car: Good or bad?

On August 29, 2017, Posted by , In Automobile,Blog, With No Comments

We are undoubtedly approaching an age of technology where programming is quintessential and everything we can imagine will somehow be programmed by a computer one way or the other. This is good news in so many ways for so many industries. Accuracy, efficiency and speed- all will rise significantly with the help of programming and this ‘holy’ intervention of technology is promised to change the way our world rotates.

What about automobile industries though? This is where self-driving cars come in to play. We have long seen these cars in movies as fantasies- take for example the knight rider. Who would have known that this fantasy would one day be an inevitable route that the automobile industry must take. No one I suppose! But the reality is that self-driving cars are already there in the market if not commercially.

What are the advantages? So many! The risks of accidents are reduced as computers are well known for precision. Humans can relax on their everyday journeys. What next? To be honest I cannot think of anything more. However, tons of disadvantages swirl inside my head. Computers cannot always be trusted! Not with your life no! Also we can become vulnerable to hacking- imagining kidnappers hacking cars and driving our children to their den!

I know I am being pessimist, but its these movies that embedded in my head these ideas. Terminator- we all saw that one and the recent Fast and the Furious movie also have some message for self-driving.

To be completely honest-the amount of self-driving cars in the market are insufficient to make any proper comment. The fate of this foggy, yet there’s hope for greatness. I deeply believe that in future we will overcome the anticipated disadvantages with our sharp intelligence and perseverance. Let us just hope for the best.

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