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What is the best Racing Cast Wheel in 2018

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We have had the question asked over and over again regarding what we truthfully think the best racing wheel is for under 300 dollars per rim and we have the answer. Introducing Enkei RPF1 Racing wheels, now you may ask what is it with the Enkei Wheels Racing brand that brings a high level of assurance and confidence in its wheels? Is it the decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high grade wheels for all vehicle types? Or is it the extraordinary passion and devotion of the brand in employing the skills of professionals in its endeavor. The demand for quality wheels by vehicle enthusiasts, vehicle brands and the open market continues to spur the improvement in manufacturing and the technology of wheel design. As a highly recognized and sought after brand, Enkei Wheels continues to improve on its designs and its overall wheel production strategy.

As with all wheel manufacturing brands each company wants to leverages on modern technology and the insight of industry professionals to deliberately link trending designs with classics to provide good quality wheels that take a front seat to luxury and class. The essentials of high quality wheels are the design which comes in an inexhaustible variety, its strength and durability, its performance in real time, and its finishes which comes in a variety of colors and layers.

The forged flow form technology of the enkei wheels design gives its wheel a superfluous light weight with high tensile strength which attributes an unbelievably high performance on any terrain. Every set comes with a one year warranty.

The racing series takes several paces ahead of market expectations with an unchanged aptness which has provided vehicle brands with a great alternative to their original wheel options. The wheels comes with a highly competitive taste and efficiency which can stand the test of time along with a certified safety assurance. Individuals and companies can now match personality and brand with the wheels that suit their cars the best.



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Fiat finally finds the answer to the missing puzzle, an age old deficiency on the part of the retro design company. The resilience and authenticity of this brand has geared up and taken the bull by the horn this year by defying its own conventions in the design of the luxury two seat roadster, the 124 spider. This elegant beauty carries a touch of romance well submerged in sporty confidence

The Fiat brand can be rated amongst retro design labels, since its inception in the spider early 1960’s till date. The brand has hovered around, producing diverse designs but never a two-seater. The 124 spider is expected to cost below or as much as $60,000

The design for the spider is inspired by a fourth generation Mazda, the MX-5 Miata. The similarities are uncanny but the disparities are yet tremendous starting from the exterior where the fiat adds a few extra inches to its length, the Mazda has a sleek slim rear while the fiat a bulky facial structure. The fiat features 150 hp and 184 pound-ft of torque while the Mazda lags at 155 hp and 148 pound-ft of torque. The spider also controls a 6-speed manual, this doesn’t fully utilize the torque abilities but it is a much fun riding experience compared to the Mazda. The fiat also comes with a few interesting features in the interior such as heated seats, and a 7-inch infotainment system. The fuel consumption isn’t bad at 26/city 35/ highway for manual and 25/city 36/highway for automatic. You could also decide to go for custom upgrades such as blind spot and backup camera, basically anything that suits your taste.

The Fiat spider comes with a defiantly aesthetic look which catches the eyes. It is definitely a worthy addition to the family.


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“Green” is the new color of electricity as Volkswagen introduces its newest Eco-friendly addition to the family. A fusion of an electricity powered concept with a retro 60’s microbus design. This electric vehicle can be referred to as a microbus styled Volkswagen (MPV). After a long wait the volks brand has finally given automobile fans and collectors what they want. Volkswagen is known for its most popular design, “the Beetle” which was the trend in the slinging 60’s so on going back to a design such as the microbus which is just as retro as the beetle could be considered as “fanning the flame,” A risk that came with an irresistible innovation and simply gorgeous finishes.

Presently the electric bus has a recharge time of about 80% after 30 minutes this means a very convenient power-up time. There is no reserved compartment for the engine nor a gas tank as it runs on battery which is located at a low compartment just near the tires. The microbus is the first of its kind for the Volkswagen brand and harbors extensive controversies on the possibilities of being inducted into the public roads; this will greatly depend on the amount of technological alternatives it can carry in order to ensure safety and durability. The assumed time frame on the official induction or mass production of the vehicle is estimated to be the year 2021 or 2022. This time would be needed for further testing and application of new technology to further improve on efficiency.

The production version will be charged to produce 369 hp and will likely be powered by a 111 kwh battery. The Volkswagen microbus, on production would also act as an eco-friendly alternative to automobile fuel pollution and help to conserve a cleaner environment

Self-driving car: Good or bad?

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We are undoubtedly approaching an age of technology where programming is quintessential and everything we can imagine will somehow be programmed by a computer one way or the other. This is good news in so many ways for so many industries. Accuracy, efficiency and speed- all will rise significantly with the help of programming and this ‘holy’ intervention of technology is promised to change the way our world rotates.

What about automobile industries though? This is where self-driving cars come in to play. We have long seen these cars in movies as fantasies- take for example the knight rider. Who would have known that this fantasy would one day be an inevitable route that the automobile industry must take. No one I suppose! But the reality is that self-driving cars are already there in the market if not commercially.

What are the advantages? So many! The risks of accidents are reduced as computers are well known for precision. Humans can relax on their everyday journeys. What next? To be honest I cannot think of anything more. However, tons of disadvantages swirl inside my head. Computers cannot always be trusted! Not with your life no! Also we can become vulnerable to hacking- imagining kidnappers hacking cars and driving our children to their den!

I know I am being pessimist, but its these movies that embedded in my head these ideas. Terminator- we all saw that one and the recent Fast and the Furious movie also have some message for self-driving.

To be completely honest-the amount of self-driving cars in the market are insufficient to make any proper comment. The fate of this foggy, yet there’s hope for greatness. I deeply believe that in future we will overcome the anticipated disadvantages with our sharp intelligence and perseverance. Let us just hope for the best.