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5 Best LED Headlight Kits in 2017

5 Best LED Headlight Kits in 2017

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This brand maintains high quality and also benefits the user with a 2 year warranty. Other than giving clear headlight view, these headlights can be installed very easily into most of the vehicles. It has a total lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. They are also quite resilient making them waterproof. Its Arc-Beam technology makes the headlights eliminate fog and dark spots. Though, the cost of these headlights can be on the costlier side. However it is one of the best headlights out there in the market.

Kensun LED
These headlights have a lifespan of almost 30,000 hours or more. They produce bare minimum heat which protects the headlights from any internal damage and also comes with cooling fans and heat sink. Their strong and powerful beam can light upto a great distance of 500 meters. However, installation may need to be done by experts for certain vehicles. Yet the efficient lighting makes it a great choice for headlights.
Starnill LED

These headlights are a great value for money as come in many great features. Their three sided chips emit light from 360 degrees making the view visible from all sides. They are also waterproof and have built-in fans making avoiding overheating. The excellent white light with blue accent makes them great for night vision. And the installation is super easy in the form of plug and play. Their affordability makes them great for all users.


SNLG Super Bright LED

SNLG headlights are on the expensive end; however there is no compromise in quality so it can be a great option. MX technology and its adjustable focus length makes the headlights the brightest LED headlights compared to its competitors; also covering wide area infront of them. Their strong stucture makes them resistant to water and vibrations. The lifespan can last more than 50,000 hours. The installation process is very easy, however without projector housing cannot be fitted in all cars.

JDM Astar G1 LED

Though this brand is new but has left quite an impression among the users. All parts of the headlight are within bulb of the light. They have a warranty of a year with a lifespan crossing 20,000 hours and also considerably competitive with an affordable price. So it’s a good bargain to go for these headlights.

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